How I discovered Blythe: a story of love at first sight

sony ad with blythe doll

This is the story of how I first discovered Blythe. It was circa 2000, I was living in Milan at the time and I was coming back home sitting on the tram. At a tramstop, I looked through the window and saw the Sony walkman advertisment. Yes, this advertisment, the one with an unknown doll listing at her music. Actually, I thought it was an ad about that particular doll, so I suddenly got off the tram to see who she was. Can you imagine how I felt when I found out it was only about Sony? So I returned home thinking of that doll, thinking that I probably would never discover the name of that doll.

I must say I was not into dolls world at the time. The only dolls I had were the Barbies from my childhood. Internet was not as common as nowdays, I used to browse the internet few minutes a day, the web was not a “natural” part of our life. Life itself was so different because of it. But this is another story 🙂
So, with no clue at all of who the doll that stole my attention (and I must say my heart too) was, I soon forgot the whole story.

Some years later, I was looking for something I don’t even remember what it was on ebay, when I saw an auction with the picture of… let me read what the title says… Blythe doll… OMG, I remember that doll. Shes’s the one of Sony walkman ad, yes!

You know how it worked then. In few days I collected all the infos I needed, I knew who she was, where I could buy her, which dolls had been produced so far, and I also found a really wonderful Italian comunity that helped me in choosing my first Blythe doll  (unfortunatly, this comunity not still alive).

So, on March 2, 2006 I received my very first Blythe, a sweet Mademoiselle Rosebud that I named Shannon (yes, her name is after a character from Lost I loved so much).
Here’s a picutre of that day, I was so excited!

unboxing my first Blythe

How did I decide Mademoiselle Rosebud was becoming my first Blythe? I’ll tell you next time 🙂





Tip Tucks, my first knitting pattern for Unoa

knitting pattern

So my first pattern for Unoa is ready! I’m so excited and happy. I love “bump” stitches like bubbles, and these tucks, the squared version of bubble, give the sweater a strong twist.
For the moment, the sweater is for small chest only, but a big chest version will be available soon.

Where can you get it?

You can find Tip Tucks in my Etsy shop or, if you like knitting, you can purchase the pattern on Ravelry.

knitting pattern


Blythe sweater: knitting testing


I’m testing a new knitting pattern I created for Blythe’s sweater. It’s worked top down, first on straight needle and the joined in the round from waist down.

testing knitting for Blythe

New sweaters will be on sale in my Etsy shop very soon. They will be made in soft tosh merino yarn with many colors available, and there will be option to buy a full skirt made in B-doll fabric in a special price set. Stay tuned!

christinopia's b-doll fabric


A little spa for Nina Dillon


Today my Nina Dillon had a little spa. She’s a Kenner Blythe form 1972 and she still needs may attention, especially for her hair, I just washed them one with fabric conditioner, but they’re still so fuzzy 🙁



I used some Peral Drops for two yelllow spots she has on her forehead, but no success at all, maybe I should have left it on her more time.


Anyway, she’s such a beauty!



Let me introduce Nina Dillon

So my first Kenner Blythe is here! She’s muche better in real life than in the auction’s picture. Her hair are frizzy but not as bad as I imaged. I think her legs have been replaced since there is a gap between them and the torso, anyway she has a quite big hole on the back of her knee. As I already knew, the lips have been repainted and I have to paint them again, sooner or later.


First thing to do is a good warm bath, and what’s better than a vintage Barbie’s bathtub?



A Kenner is on the way!


(picture from ebay auction)

So, after more than 9 years in collecting Blythe, I finally had the chance to get a Kenner! Last night I won a redhead one on ebay. She will need some TLC, and now I’m looking for all the infos I need to restore this beauty.
As soon as she comes home, I’ll list all the issues she has and patiently begin the work. Can’t wait to have her at home with us. In the meanwhile, I’m thinking about the proper name.

I’m planning to sew something special just for her. Maybe I’ll knit a hat too, to be good looking even before the spa
And, of course, all my Blythe dolls will be dressed and ready to say hello to their older sister.